Facial Treatment 1

LASER hair removal is the only permanent hair removal method, which abolishes the traditional hair removal techniques. It is suitable for women and men and any body area, removing safely unwanted hair without damaging the pores and skin structure. It is a permanent method, 96% of hair is destroyed, however, it requires special training and a doctor’s license to perform.

There are several medical hair removal lasers such as the diode, the Alexandrite, theNdYag, etc. The Alexandrite hair removal laser (alexandrite) emits at 755nm and it is the most common. At the clinic, we have two alexandrite lasers, both being the latest model of the American house Candela Gentle Pro, with an automatic cryogenic cooling mechanism.

We also have a second laser, the Nd Yag. It is a specialized medical laser which is used only on hormonally dependent facial areas such as the chin, neck or cheeks because it has the unique ability to detect only the hair without affecting the normal facial fuzz (peach-fuzz).

We often see faces treated with the wrong type of laser, where there’s activation of excessive hair growth instead of its removal.

In these cases we use the Nd yag laser and we always solve the problem successfully!

Thus, for a permanent face hair removal solution, we combine these two lasers.

This is the only way for an effective hair removal

The laser hair removal metod is usually done for aesthetic reasons. But there are medical reasons that also require laser hair removal. Folliculitis is usually created after shaving, waxing or by using depilatory devices. Also, in cases of spider veins (telangiectasias) on the legs or irritation after waxing or depilatory creams, the laser hair removal method is the only solution.

Other reasons include hirsutism due to heredity, race or hormonal disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, tumors and menopause. We may need to prescribe hormonal tests in these cases and additional medication will be given accordingly.

The hair removal laser method is used on any facial area with excessive hair growth.

A specific wavelength of the light beam causes the absorption of energy from the melanin of the hair, destroying the hair follicle. By this procedure the root of the hair is destroyed while we have formation of new hair, leaving unaffected the melanin.